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ERISA Update: Positive News from SCOTUS in Montanile

January 19th, 2016|0 Comments

The Supreme Court of the United States issued its opinion today in Montanile v. Board of Trustees of the National Elevator Industry Health Benefit Plan, [...]

SCOTUS Discusses Attorney Liability in Self-Funded ERISA Cases

November 17th, 2015|0 Comments

SCOTUS Discusses Attorney Liability in Self-Funded ERISA Cases:  A Sneak Peek into the Mindset of the Justices in Montanile v. Board of Trustees of the [...]

Now Is the Time to Attack Medicaid Liens in New York State

October 13th, 2015|0 Comments

In 2006, the United States Supreme Court upheld the Eight Circuit’s decision in Arkansas Department of Health and Human Services v. Ahlborn, 547 U.S. 268 [...]

Strength in Numbers.

Since 2011, Paul K. Isaac, Esq. and the team of attorneys at Precision Resolution, LLC has successfully reduced attorney exposure to compliance and lien issues while putting over $40 million back into the pockets of plaintiffs through successfully challenging and eliminating Medicare, Medicaid, ERISA and other health care lien claims stemming from single-claimant litigation.

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$30,000 Average Savings to Medicare Beneficiaries
$8,000,000+ in Medicaid Liens Resolved
$4,500,000+ in ERISA Reimbursement Liens Resolved
$3,000,000+ in Medicare Advantage Liens Resolved

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