Medicare Set-Aside Services

It is essential to have counsel who understands the complexities involved with the advising and analyzing of Medicare’s interests, including Medicare Set-Asides.

Precision Resolution has two Medicare Set-Aside Consultant Certified (MSCC) attorneys (John J. Riccardi and Paul R. Loudenslager) and one Certified Medicare Secondary Payer Professional (CMSP) attorney (Yeganeh Gibson) on staff to assist you and your clients with Medicare Set-Aside matters.

Liability Medicare Set-Aside Allocation & Analysis

Precision Resolution provides our clients with a thorough MSA Allocation experience, working to make certain the allocation amount is reflective of the plaintiffs’ true future needs.

Once our allocators have taken into account all of the facts essential for determining the allocation amount, the allocation is sent for further review to our Medicare Set-Aside Certified Consultant (MSCC) attorneys to determine if there are any medications, or treatments that can be eliminated, thus reducing Medicare’s future exposure, and your client’s MSA allocation amount. Precision further provides a certified Summary of the MSA Allocation so that counsel may verify the compliance to third parties without disclosing the actual analysis and confidential medical information.

Liability Medicare Set-Aside Letter of Opinion

Precision’s Medicare Set-Aside Certified Consultant (MSCC) attorneys will review the facts of your case, and make a determination as to whether or not an MSA is necessary for your client. We will draft a Letter of Opinion which is used to document your due diligence in considering Medicare’s future interests. The letter is also useful for verifying with third parties that all reasonable compliance requirements were adhered to, and after a thorough review of your case an MSA was not recommended or required.

Workers’ Compensation Medicare Set-Aside Allocations & Resources

The following is the CMS suggested submission criteria for a WCMSA:

  • The claimant is currently eligible for Medicare and the total settlement value is greater than $25,000.00, or;
  • The claimant has a reasonable expectation of Medicare enrollment in 30 months or less and the total settlement is greater than $250,000.00.
John J. Riccardi, Esq., MSCC, ChSNC®
John J. Riccardi, Esq., MSCC, ChSNC® Senior Allocation Analyst | 716-712-0417
Once you have downloaded, completed and collected the intake documents referenced below call Precision’s Senior Allocation Analyst, John Riccardi, Esq., at 716-712-0417 and he will walk you through the submission process.

  • Precision Intake Form;
  • Records/Reports from Claimant’s Treating Physician(s) from the Past Two (2) Years;
  • IME Reports from the Past Three (3) Years; and
  • Bill of Particulars (If Applicable)
  • MSA Allocation Proposal – $2,200.00 flat rate
  • MSA Allocation Submission – $1,000.00 and up
  • MSA Letter of Opinion – $500.00 and up

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