By using a proven, streamlined system, Precision is able to maneuver the Medicare component of your client’s case through the Medicare system with great efficiency, thus saving your firm invaluable time and money.

Precision gives you the assurance that your firm is in full compliance with all recommended Medicare reporting guidelines.


MSP Compliance: Streamlined

Precision’s Medicare compliance division is equipped with the experience, knowledge and resources required to handle every aspect of the Medicare component of a plaintiff’s case.

From the first point of contact with the BCRC, tracking the file through Medicare’s system, to analyzing the Payment Summary Form and challenging the purported lien amount, Precision advocates for the timely resolution of the plaintiff’s Medicare file.

Precision's Enterprise Account: Firm-Wide MSP Compliance. Guaranteed.

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MSP Compliance & Medicare Lien Resolution Services

BCRC Notification & Procurement of Conditional Payment Amount

Precision will first verify the status of the beneficiary’s standing with Medicare and notify the BCRC of the claim, if it has not yet been reported to Medicare. Precision will then track the file with the Medicare Secondary Payer Recovery Contractor (MSPRC), and procure a Conditional Payment Letter. Furthermore, we analyze the Payment Summary Form on every case for any costs that may be unrelated to the treatment of the claimed injury.

Conditional Payment (Medicare Lien) Resolution Services

Once Precision has reviewed the Conditional Payment Letter & Payment Summary Form, our highly specialized, expert attorneys will be able to advise beneficiary’s counsel whether an Appeal, Dispute or other form of Conditional Payment Resolution is recommended. Should a challenge be warranted, Precision will prepare, draft and file the challenge with CMS based on the facts of the case, jurisdiction and understanding of the treated injury. As your case nears settlement, we will submit the required documents to Medicare and obtain the formal demand for reimbursement.

Appeals to the Federal Court or an Administrative Law Judge

Should a challenge of a Proposed Conditional Payment Amount proceed beyond the first level of review with the MSPRC, Precision will assist the beneficiary’s counsel in the preparation of all required pleadings, drafting of appellate briefs, and the acquisition of supporting documents for the challenge. In many cases Precision’s attorneys have appeared on behalf of the plaintiff as Precision is often retained as counsel in these matters.

Additional MSP Compliance Services

Dealing with Medicare is no easy task. Recommended regulations lack clear definition and Federal guidelines can change at a moment’s notice. That is why the attorneys at Precision are always on-call to answer and assist you in the resolution of your MSP Compliance issues.

In order for Precision to properly represent the claimant in the Medicare portion of their case, CMS requires that the following documents be completed and submitted in addition to Precision’s Intake Form:

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