Since 2011, Precision has successfully reduced attorney exposure to compliance and lien issues while putting tens of millions of dollars back into the pockets of the plaintiff through successfully challenging and eliminating purported lien claims.

Precision Resolution, LLC is a Medicare Secondary Payer compliance and health care lien resolution firm that was built by attorneys, for attorneys.

At Precision, we know that purported liens can bring settlement negotiations to a standstill and that the daily task of communicating with recovery contractor agencies exacts a time consuming and expensive toll on any law firm.

It is for these reasons that Precision’s attorneys and staff devote their full time to the painstaking process

of handling Medicare, Medicaid, ERISA and other health care lien claims. Precision’s attention to detail in these matters allows you and your staff to focus on the task at hand: winning the case, receiving the settlement proceeds faster, and ultimately, expanding your practice.

With dedicated conditional payment, allocation, analysis, contract review and research teams, all consisting of highly specialized attorneys, Precision can offer your and your client all available strategic alternative to reach an agreeable and timely result.

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At Precision, we know that plaintiffs and their attorneys have a choice when it comes to lien resolution and Medicare Set-Aside services. We encourage you to consider Precision Resolution when chosing your lien resolution options, and here are just a few reasons why:

  • With over $30 million recovered on behalf of plaintiffs and beneficiaries since 2011, Precision has the experience and knowledge that you can rely on to handle your purported lien claim.
  • Precision is staffed with former trial attorneys who, for the past 15 years, have dedicated their efforts to litigating purported lien claims, analyzing and dissecting state and federal recovery statutes and case law and have lead committees which have supplied law makers with recommended recovery and Medicare Trust Fund protection language for incorporation into future legislation.
  • Precision’s cost effective, incentive based fee schedule is one of the most competitive in the industry. With minimal flat fee services, Precision is incentivized to fight for the beneficiary and procure the greatest possible reduction of the purported lien claim.


Precision Resolution’s Services

Precision Resolution specializes in the handling of Medicare, Medicaid, ERISA, other healthcare lien matters and Medicare Set-Aside matters.

Below you will find a brief description of Precision’s services with links to each respective page.

Precision Resolution has a variety of MSP Compliance and Medicare lien resolution services that will assist you in settling your case and getting paid faster. From firm-wide MSP Compliance guarantees, to individual dispute and appeal services, Precision has the solutions that both small and large firms are looking for. Click to read more.
Precision offers allocation and submission services for both LMSA and WCMSA matters. In addition, Precision’s MSA Watchdog service can guarantee that the plaintiff does not get gauged by an impartial allocator’s inflated future allocation amount. Click to read more.
Precision has an advocacy plan for addressing Medicaid liens and have achieved great success for our clients through it’s application. From procuring the itemized list of expenses to litigating the purported claim, Precision’s attorneys advocate for the plaintiff and their counsel in purported Medicaid lien matters.Click to read more.
When dealing with purported ERSIA lien claims it is imperative that the Plan Document in place at the time of the accident is fully reviewed and analyzed. Precision’s attorneys specialize in this analysis and have saved plaintiffs millions of dollars through the elimination of purported lien claims.Click to read more.
It is important to note that Medicare Part C plans may not have the same reimbursement rights as traditional Medicare. Precision routinely resolves Medicare Advantage lien claims and puts your client’s money back where it belongs- into their pockets.Click to read more.
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