About the MSA Watchdog Service

Over the years, Precision has successfully reduced previously prepared MSA Allocations by millions of dollars.With the increasing emphasis on Medicare Set-Asides and the escalating projected allocation numbers prepared for the defense that have come across our desks, we recognized a need make this service available to plaintiff’s attorneys everywhere.

Precision’s attorneys and allocators will take a second look at any MSA yet to be funded. Our experienced staff will determine whether the allocation amount can be reduced or minimized, all in the name of putting more money back into the pockets of the plaintiff.

With Precision’s standard 3-day turnaround time, your client could put valuable settlement dollars back into their pocket. Just look at our recent results:

Savings to Plaintiff.

$1.9 Million LMSA reduced to $253,541.93, resulting in a $1.68 Million Savings to Plaintiff.

Savings to Plaintiff.

$318,000 LMSA reduced to $86,396.83, resulting in a $231,603.17 Savings to Plaintiff.

New Case Sumbissions

Below you can download the intake documents required to initiate Precision’s MSA Watchdog services. Once you have downloaded, completed and collected the intake document call Precision’s Senior MSA Analyst, John Riccardi, Esq., MSCC at 888-961-LIEN and he will walk you through the submission process.

In an effort to prepare the most accurate MSA Review Report, Precision will require the following items to be submitted along with Precision’s standard Intake Form:

  • Precision Intake Form;
  • The Original MSA Allocation that was Prepared;
  • Records/Reports from Claimant’s Treating Physician(s) from the Past Two (2) Years;
  • IME Reports from the Past Three (3) Years; and
  • Bill of Particulars (If Applicable)